Water Catchers

My school has got selected to go in a competition and they made a video about how water gets to your tap. It is run by Hunter Water and if our school wins we get a $5 000 water project! I would appreciate it if you could type in your email when you vote for Dudley Public School. (you may need to go to gallery) Click here to vote

Thank You


Our class has been learning about perimeter and I have a few problems for you to solve. The first one is just a demonstration then A B and C are for you to work out. (You will need to click on the image to see it properly). Could you please answer in the comment section.







Roman Gods

Most people know that roman gods have the same names as planets but have you ever known what they are the god of? If you haven’t read my post on Greek Mythology I do recommend reading it first.

All of the Roman gods have the same responsibilities as Greek gods but just different names and personalities.In my other post it says that my favourite Greek God is Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom.The Roman Goddess of wisdom is called Minerva. All the planets are named after Roman gods such as:

Mercury-God of Thieves/Messenger of the Roman Gods        Venus-Goddess of Love

Earth-Gaia, Mother of some of the gods

Mars-God of War        Jupiter-God of the Sky/King of the Roman Gods        Saturn-God of Time

Uranus-Father of some of the Gods        Neptune-God of the Sea



Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls

Vegemite is one of Australia’s most unique foods but there is another creation of the Vegemite Scroll. It is made up of a pastry layered in Vegemite then rolled up into a swirl, sprinkle a little cheese over it then it get baked. It can be homemade or you can buy it from super markets.

It is really salty and you may want to have a drink of water after but it is worth a try. If you like Vegemite Scrolls please comment below.


My Pet Bird Snowy

My family only has one pet that gets a lot of attention in a lot of different ways. My pet bird Snowy is a White cockatiel and is very noisy. Sometimes he will tweet because he is happy and sometimes he does it to get attention and it drives me crazy. I do like Snowy very much but I wish he wouldn’t attempt to bite me when I try to get him on my hand. Snowy is 2 years old and loves my little brother Artie. Snowy will let Artie get him on his hands and walk around with him unlike me that would probably get pecked.

Snowy is the cheekiest bird I know and I like it that way.



Greek Mythology

I’m sure most of you have heard of Greek gods or goddesses but have you ever heard of their names of what they stand for. I have a favourite, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Her symbol is an owl and is probably the most intelligent of all the major Greek gods (check out her picture below). The earth has 3 Greek Gods, Zeus the God of the Sky, Poseidon the god of the sea and Hades, the god of the under world (where all the dead people live). There are also minor gods that aren’t heard as often such as Nemesis, the goddess of revenge. You should check out more about them by clicking this link.



My Holiday to Tasmania

When I was in year four I was lucky enough to go to Tasmania. My family and I drove all the way to Melbourne (that took about 9 hours) and stayed the night there. The next day we got on a boat that carries cars and stayed the night in 2 cabins on the boat while crossing the Bass Strait. When we arrived early in the morning driving our car off the boat and traveled around Tasmania. The towns we visited were Launceston, Strahan, Hobart and Port Arthur as well as many more places. The trip took two weeks and was very enjoyable.


All About Me

Hello, my name is Annie

This is my blog and I’ll tell you a bit about myself. My favourite colour is yellow, my favourite animal is a turtle and I enjoy drawing, reading and maths. I’m from Australia and in Yr 6. I have a pet bird called Snowy and have 5 younger siblings.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my blog!




The Premiers Debating Team had their first debate a couple of weeks ago. The topic was that violent computer games should be banned. Not only did we get the negative side but it was the hardest side. The opponents were Belmont Public School. We are happy to announce that we won and are still undefeated.

We would like to thank Mr H for organizing it, Felicity Bloomfield for training us and Mrs Murray for transporting us.


Great Blogs

A few of my friends have really good blogs. If you would like to see them just click below.

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